Formulation made easy

MixPad for Windows

MixPad is a formulation software for Windows. It is a spreadsheet-like software for determining the physical properties of formulas, reducing costs, optimizing product quality, recipe management, and the production ticketing.  Designed to mimic Microsoft’s Excel, it’s familiar interface will help simplify any bench chemist’s work.


Developed in a real lab

MixPad was designed, developed, and used in an actual chemical business environment. Using real scenarios and real problems.



Products can be easily formulated, developed, and tested with MixPad.


Physical properties of formulas are automatically calculated based on their weight and volumes.


Problem batches are easily fixed with MixPad’s ‘Formula-to-Material’ features.

Wide variety of industries…

MixPad is used in many industries including Paint, Coatings, Caulks, Mastics, Asphalt, Petroleum, Specialty Chemicals and Pharmaceutical.


Formulation software for Windows.

Chemicals have met their match

With MixPad you can easily recalculate your formula to a target Weight or Volume, Pigment or Binder level, Cost, VOC, or Density using one or more of the formulas ingredients. If it is possible to obtain that target level, MixPad will recalcualte to it. If not, it will tell you so.

No more wasting time with ineffectual spreadsheets.

Find those lost dollars in inefficient or underdeveloped formulas.

So easy you’ll think it’s magic and wonder how you even did without it.

24 separate re-calculation routines to help you get to your desired goal.

Built-in support for multiple company locations and raw material bases.

Built in laboratory and production printouts suitable for the bench chemist or for the batch maker.


Find your target values

With the MixPad recalculation features you can optimize your formulas to reduce costs, increase quality, or reach any other property goal. Mixpad will analyze your target value and calculate to that goal if it is obtainable.

Raw Materials

Keep all your materials in one place

You can have an unlimited amount of materials. Materials can also be made directly from formulas. Materials can be displayed on printouts by weight, volume, or by container. Materials can be saved as separate files and embedded within the formula files in-case they are accidentally deleted.

Formula Properties

Information about your formulas.

You can store notes, specifications, and modification dates. Mixpad also includes a standards protection feature to prevent the accidental changing of fixed formulas.

Material Search

Find that material that meets your need

Search for materials by their description, cost, volatile, or containers. MixPad can locate the material you want and insert it into your formula. Several operations are available to find raw materials that meet or exceed your specification.

Formula Search

Locate that missing formula

With Mizpad’s formula search, you can find all of your formulas that contain a specific raw material. Also included is the ability to search for specific notes within formulas.

Print Preview

See it on paper

Several print previews are available to see what your formula will look like before you print it. Saving you money, paper, and time.

Formulation Software for Windows.

Take it for a spin!

Download a demo version of MixPad to see how costs can be adjusted with a typical white paint formula.

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